Crow Valley Pipe Company’s name is derived from a historic civil war landmark in Dalton, GA. Fondly referred to as Crow Valley, Dalton served as a natural gateway through Rock Face Ridge. Crow Valley is nestled in the Appalachian region; the same region that President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a “War on Poverty” in his January 8, 1964 Sate of the Union Address.

The Appalachian Region – The “Cradle of American Civilization”

The people of the Appalachian region may not have been rich by most standards, but they were rich in spirit, rich in family, rich in heart, and rich in tradition. They were a melting pot of several cultures. They knew how to work hard to provide for their family, then go home after a grueling day to enjoy their family and some hearty home cookin’. They lived simpler back then but worked very hard, and yet even now, more than 50 years later, the people of Appalachia still carry the strong love for old traditions and a passion for American liberties, in spite of new age technologies and politics throughout the rest of the country.

The Crow Valley Vision

Crow Valley Pipe Company’s vision is to create unique pipe designs reminiscent of the Appalachian culture for the purpose of paying tribute to those who worked so hard to build the region up to what it is today. We produce affordable “hybrid” pipes that possess beautiful, hand-finished characteristics and uniqueness that made a working man or woman feel like they live among the richest.

“Awakening the Grassroots Spirit in Every Common, Hard-Working Man and Woman by Instilling the Appalachian Spirit into our Quality, Pipes.”

Our Team

Crow Valley Pipe Co. is grateful to have a wonderful team of stellar individuals getting this “pipe dream” off the ground. Without their help, none of this would have been possible. Let’s introduce the team!

13115598_10154258734879040_268716263_nBarry Lambert is the President, Owner and Dreamer behind Crow Valley Pipe Co. His vision for this company has been the driving engine behind developing a pipe that pays tribute to the “Appalachian Spirit” found in the hearts of the everyday, hardworking man and woman.










418010_10150607122583322_291290860_nSir Nic Bertolero is our Graphics, Pipe Designer and VP of Operations. He is a talented artist whotranslates our ideas into detailed, workable specs. As a bonus, his wife, Alicia, has agreed to help with our editing, blogging and social media presence