Growing Up in Crow Valley

There is something beautiful about growing up in a place where your roots have been for generations. For me? This was a place known as Crow Valley.

Dalton Georgia – “Crow Valley”197873_10150122904717302_2416399_n

I was raised in Dalton Georgia, site of the Battle of Crow Valley as the my Southern people would call it. The Northerners called it the Battle of Buzzards’ Roost. It was a part of a series of skirmishes that would determine the state of Georgia’s farms and the pride of the  South, Atlanta. Still to this day, if you speak the name of William Techumseh Sherman, looks could kill.

Where Family Roots Run Deep and People Know You By Your Last Name

There’s a level of comfort living in a place like this, where family roots run deep and people know you by your last name. Your name means a great deal. People identify you by your last name, because they associate you with your father and your father’s father. Blessed were the children whose father lived by his word, because he passed down the legacy of a great name to his children, but the same was true of the opposite. A person whose father was not honorable would have to work very hard to prove to the community that they were a far better man than their father.

I was blessed to grow up in such a place. I may have carried my fathers last name, but only in name. You see, I was raised by a man named Frank Rittenhouse. A mere mention of that name carried authority and honor in my home town. Being his grandson really set the bar pretty high for me early on.

I Didn’t Realize What an Honor it Was to Be Known By the Good Life My Grandparents Lived

Franklin Delano Rittenhouse was a jack of all trades, a good man known for his word. He was a musician among musicians. He was a pillar of the community . I remember in my teens hearing, “Hey, you’re Frank’s boy!” “Oh, that’s Frank and Bonnie’s grandson.” I didn’t think much of it at the time. I didn’t realize what an honor it was to be known by the good life my grandparents lived. Hard working, kind-hearted, and the salt of the earth type of people.

It’s just one of those benefits of growing up in a town 5 generations deep. Because of who my family was (and is), I didn’t get away with much mischief growing up. There were always eyes on me, everywhere. We tend to look after our own very well, even when it is uncomfortable.

You Know the Land and It Knows You

You can leave a place like Crow Valley and come back five years later; they’ll still know you, welcome you home. You know the land, and it knows you. It’s sacred land, where you were born, and for some, it’s where you will take your last breath and be buried into the soil.

This idea of community, of deep family roots, and the pride of American history; these are the core foundations of our existence.

Barry Lambert – President of Crow Valley Pipes

“Awakening the Grassroots Spirit in Every Common, Hard-Working Man and Woman by Instilling the Appalachian Spirit into our Quality, American-Made Pipes.”

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